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The CannaDex360 Prototype

  • MyMedicine LLC is a consulting service for the cannabis industry and cannabis consumers founded by cannabis pharmacists  
  • All pharmacists affiliated with MyMedicine have extensive cannabis industry experience
  • MyMedicine is working with software developers to bring CannaDex360 to all who stand to benefit
  • FileMaker Pro is the development platform for the CannaDex360 prototype
  • FileMaker Pro is typically used to develop workplace applications for a group of internal users
  • FileMaker Pro allows for low code, quick, and agile development to refine our concept at budget
  • FileMaker Pro has limitations which will be addressed as CannaDex progresses to a traditional web-build
  • Claris, a subsidiary of Apple, develops, supports, and markets FileMaker Pro
  • Visit to learn more about the FileMaker platform
  • CannaDex360 is hosted on a private DigitalOcean server  
  • Cannadex360 and all affiliated domains have received SSL-certificates to keep data encrypted and secure 
  • Stolen or misused passwords are a security risk. Please do not give or share passwords to unauthorized individuals
  • The CannaDex360 concept is the first of its kind and in the early stages of development. The prototype will help assess the needs of cannabis businesses and consumers
  • Patience is appreciated as we address issues with the CannaDex360 platform and associated administrative processes
  • After assessing the utility of the CannaDex360 prototype and collecting feedback, MyMedicine will begin transitioning to a full-scale web-build to enhance the user experience and increase access
  • The capabilities of CannaDex360 will expand when developed in a ubiquitous code base on a traditional website, allowing for greater functionality

Registration and Account Setup

  • Register for a CannaDex360 account at
  • Currently, the CannaDex360 prototype is only available to Ohio cannabis operators and medical providers 
  • An electronic Account Registration form will take a few minutes to complete and provide MyMedicine with the necessary information to verify and create a CannaDex360 account

  • CannaDex360 designates Account Types based upon specific roles within the cannabis industry
  • Account Types: (1) Dispensary (2)Vendor (3) Medical Practice and (4) Individual Medical Provider
  • Different Account Types have unique layouts, access, and editing privileges
  • Registration for a CannaDex360 account requires an Account Holder
  • Account Holders are able to make operational decisions on behalf of the business or end-user
  • The CannaDex360 Account Holder is the administrative point-of-contact and has access to the subscription management portal 
  • Staff at MyMedicine will review submitted Registration Forms for accuracy
  • Once authenticity of the cannabis business or individual medical provider is verified, an account will be created in CannaDex360 
  • Usernames and passwords are required to access CannaDex360
  • Login credentials for Administrator account(s) are emailed to the Account Holder after setup is complete by MyMedicine staff
  • Usernames cannot be changed as product and company information are tied to the account name
  • Admin passwords should be reset upon initial login. This can be done under the Admin Account tab
  • Credentials for any User accounts can also be accessed under the Admin Account tab 

Subscription Management and Billing

  • The Customer Portal allows Account Holders to manage their CannaDex360 subscription
  • The Portal allows Account Holders to add / edit payment information, update account details, and view billing history and invoices                      

  • Free trials to CannaDex360 are provided to support staff upon registration
  • (2) User accounts per Dispensary and (1) User account per Vendor and Medical Practice are provided by MyMedicine 
  • Trial periods will last 30-days upon account activation and Account Holders will receive notifications prior to expiration
  • After the trial period, User accounts will be deactivated unless Add-on licenses are purchased, however Admin account(s) will remain accessible
  • Individual Medical Providers are provided (1) free User account for 30-days. A license must be purchased  after 30-days through the Customer Portal to maintain access
  • During the free trial period or anytime after, User licenses can be added to or removed from a subscription through the Customer Portal 
  • After any changes, MyMedicine will receive notification to update your CannaDex360 account
  • Login information for User licenses can be found under the Admin Account tab in CannaDex360. This process may take 24-48 hours

  • Due to continual development, licensing, and server costs; individual providers and support staff (User Accounts) are charged a low monthly rate for access to the CannaDex360 prototype 
  • Admin account(s) are free for cannabis dispensaries, cannabis vendors, and cannabis medical practices
  • (1) Admin account is provided per dispensary location, vendor, or medical group
  • User accounts are $29.95 monthly per license after the free trial period
  • If greater than 10 Users are required for your business, the monthly rate is reduced to $19.95 after the initial 10 licenses


  • CannaDex360's subscription management service is hosted by ChargeBee recurrent billing software to keep credit card information secure 
  • Billing information is NOT required upon sign-up and account registration
  • After the trial period, subscriptions for Add-On User licenses require Account Holder and payment details

  • User licenses can be managed at any time through the Customer Portal
  • Edits and changes to subscriptions take effect upon completion of the billing cycle 

Using CannaDex360

  • Login credentials for CannaDex360 Admin Accounts are provided by email upon registration
  • Usernames are space sensitive and Passwords are case and space sensitive
  • All login credentials can be found under the Admin Account tab

  • Only one user may access CannaDex360 with the same login credentials. Another user with the same credentials will be denied access if the previous user is still logged in

  • CannaDex360 will log out automatically if idle for 60 minutes
  • Utilize the log out button found on the top-right of the home screen to avoid a short delay. This allows another user to log in immediately with the same credentials 


  • CannaDex360 Admin accounts have an account tab which allows administrators to manage access for all users

  • This tab is unavailable on non-Admin User accounts 
  • Individual Medical Provider accounts have the ability to manage their password as a User 
  • Permissions to add and edit content on behalf of a business are specific to Account Type. These permissions are explained further in the corresponding section of the User Guide
  • A pop-up message will appear to indicate a user does not have permission to edit content if an attempt is made

  • Information notes are used throughout CannaDex360 to provide additional details about the platform
  • Information notes further explain a CannaDex360 category, classification, data entry field, or topic which improves the user experience
  • Click on the information note to view contents

  • The Search function allows users to quickly find results through specific filters
  • The "search bar" is located in the top-right corner of most layouts and consists of 3 options: Search, Execute Search, and Reset


  • The Search button will bring up a blank layout where users can input filterable criteria. Fields will allow for manual entry or drop-down options, and multiple fields can be filtered. Spelling of manually entered criteria will impact results.

  • To execute multiple searches simultaneously, press the Search button again to populate more line items

Execute Search:

  • Pressing "Enter" or "Return" will not execute a Search after criteria are input. The "Execute Search" button must be pressed


  • To exit the Search layout, press the "Reset" button 

  • CannaDex360 Indicator Icons provide a convenient way to determine whether a given field or topic contains content

  • Pressing an Indicator Icon will present a pop-up with content or redirect the user to another layout depending on the nature of the information

  • Links in CannaDex360 will take the user to the specified website in a new window

  • Links may not redirect to the expected location if it has not been updated by the business or MyMedicine 
  • Some information on CannaDex360 is available for download. This includes sales guides uploaded by vendors and education material uploaded by MyMedicine 

  • Downloads are in PDF format and behave as any document downloaded off a web-browser
  • Vendors and Dispensaries that are active subscribers of CannaDex360 will be indicated by color-coded icons to the left of the business name 
  • Green indicates an active subscriber and the information presented is verified or input by company representatives, with minimal assistance from MyMedicine
  • Yellow indicates a non-subscriber and the information presented is verified or input solely by MyMedicine

Product Information

  • Vendors with a CannaDex360 account are primarily responsible for the product and business information presented on the platform
  • A corresponding responsibility lies with the staff and Market Specialists at MyMedicine
  • MyMedicine utilizes the following steps to obtain product information (tertiary sources are rarely sought) 

Primary (Direct from Vendor) Sources

  • Product Labels and Packaging
  • Vendor Sales Guide
  • Vendor Website
  • Vendor Social Media
  • Vendor Employees

Secondary Sources (Indirect from Vendor)

  • Dispensary Menus - Ex. IHeartJane
  • Dispensary Websites and Social Media which promote Vendor information
  • Dispensary Employees

Tertiary Sources

  • Crowd-Sourced - Ex. Reddit, Cannabis Influencers
  • MyMedicine Market Specialists enter data into CannaDex360 on behalf of vendors and dispensaries
  • Market Specialists have extensive experience in a variety of roles within their respective cannabis market, including Vendor Sales Representatives and Dispensary Staff.
  • Counseling Points can be accesses by clicking the Product Details icon to the left of the product and then the Counseling Points tab
  • Consumer Safety Alerts are product-specific, and will produce a red Indicator Icon. Product Safety Alerts may be provided by Vendor representatives or MyMedicine clinicians

  • Instructions and Precautions are provided for products that lie within a general category and are not product-specific

  • Dispensaries and Medical Provider accounts can leave feedback for products listed on CannaDex360
  • The Feedback Indicator Icon will be highlighted in green if any feedback has been left by a subscriber

  • If the icon is pressed, the user will be taken to the Feedback layout for the specified product

  • Vendors are able to view feedback, however they are not able to leave feedback on products
  • MyMedicine asks Vendors use discretion to allow unfavorable feedback to remain in order to maintain integrity of the platform. However, the ability to delete grossly negative comments is available

  • All staff at MyMedicine treat information presented on CannaDex360 with the utmost importance. The team will strive to ensure product information is as complete and accurate as possible.
  • Please reach out to should inaccuracies be identified
  • Alternatively, verified Vendor subscribers may also be contacted to update or input product information

Product Entry

  • Vendors are able to add products to their catalogue in CannaDex360 by utilizing the "Add Product" icon

  • Staff with Vendor Admin accounts and Vendor User accounts are able to add and edit products on behalf of the company
  • Every product in CannaDex360 is assigned a Category based on its properties
  • Categories are required to proceed in the product entry process
  • Categories are specific to a cannabis market

  • Once a category is chosen, additional required fields will populate based upon the selection
  • Flower is considered cannabis in its natural, dried plant form. Flower encompasses full buds, small buds, trim, and shake

Adding Flower Strains

Strain Name: Trade name created by the vendor for marketing purposes. This a manual entry field - please watch for typing errors

Classification: Cannadex360 users are better served when growers classify flower strains by expected effects, terpene profile, and cannabinoid composition. Please select a Hybrid classification if there is uncertainty with strain classification.


Indica = Indica-Dominant Effects
Sativa = Sativa-Dominant Effects
Hybrid = A balance between Indica and Sativa Effects


High CBD = greater than 5% CBD of flower weight on average

Brand: Only applicable if the flower strain is affiliated with a particular product-line. Select the brand in the drop-down box.

Note: The brand will only appear as an option to select if it is first added to the Vendor profile. Brand addition can be accessed in the Vendor Account section.

Lineage: The genetic make-up of a particular strain. CannaDex allows up to 4 entries. As the parent strains are entered, the full lineage will begin to populate in the Lineage field.

Average CBD and THC%: Vendor-specific average THC% and CBD% range based upon full buds. Percentages may vary from batch to batch. Select the range which best fits the strain most commonly tests.

Terpenes: Vendor-specific terpene profile. Select the Top 3 terpenes on average. Though terpene profiles fluctuate from batch to batch, the three terpenes which are consistently found in highest amounts will provide users a reasonable foundation.  The terpene profile is editable at any time after the product has been added should consistent changes to the strain occur.

Click into the "Add New Terpene Field" and select the terpene. The terpene will then populate in the "Terpene Profile" box with the corresponding rank of prevalence.

If a terpene was added incorrectly (or in the wrong order), the trash icon will delete the selection and the Rank field can be manually adjusted:

Additional Information: These are manually-entered descriptors for a particular strain. All information serves to enhance the search feature and populate filterable results.

Flavor | Aroma: Keywords to describe the flavor and aroma of a strain.

Common Reported Effects: Keywords to describe common effects reported by consumers or expected effects based upon composition.

Vendor Notes: Additional notes describing the strain or growing process.

  • Processed Strains & Blends are the proprietary name associated with extracted components of cannabis in varying concentrations that are manufactured into different product forms.

    These components can be re-introduced in similar amounts to a particular flower strain (Strains), or in any combination the manufacturer chooses (Blends). 

Adding Processed Strains & Blends

  • Processed Strains and Blend addition is similar to flower strain addition. 
  • Though technically not a singular product, The Processed Strains and Blends category serves as a mechanism for processors to give details about the composition of any products that hold the strain or blend name.
  • Should a blend be non-specific to a particular profile or composition, and only be referred to for marketing purposes, only include the information which remains consistent to the blend name.
  • Edibles are cannabis products which are food-based, chewed, and ingested

Adding Edible Products

Brand: Selecting a brand is applicable if the edible product is affiliated with a particular product-line tied to the vendor. 

A brand will only appear as an option to select if it is first added to the Vendor profile. Brand addition can be accessed in the Vendor Account section.

Sub-Category: List of edible product categories found on the market. If the category of food-based product is unlisted, select "other" to manually create an option.

The sub-category selected auto-populates as the last portion of the CannaDex360 product name.

Classification: The CannaDex360 platform recommends vendors classify edible and ingestible products as Hybrid, Sativa, or Indica only if terpene-infused.

High CBD = greater than a 2:1 ratio of CBD relative to other cannabinoids

Product Name:

Package Size:

Additional Information: 

Adding Oil Cartridges

Brand: Only applicable if the oil cartridge is affiliated with a particular product-line. Select the brand in the drop-down box.

Note: The brand will only appear as an option to select if it is first added to the Vendor profile. Brand addition can be accessed in the Vendor Account section.

Adding Concentrates

Brand: Only applicable if the concentrate is affiliated with a particular product-line. Select the brand in the drop-down box.

Note: The brand will only appear as an option to select if it is first added to the Vendor profile. Brand addition can be accessed in the Vendor Account section.

Adding Tinctures

Brand: Only applicable if the tincture is affiliated with a particular product-line. Select the brand in the drop-down box.

Note: The brand will only appear as an option to select if it is first added to the Vendor profile. Brand addition can be accessed in the Vendor Account section.

Adding Topicals

Brand: Only applicable if the topical is affiliated with a particular product-line. Select the brand in the drop-down box.

Note: The brand will only appear as an option to select if it is first added to the Vendor profile. Brand addition can be accessed in the Vendor Account section.

Adding Transdermal Patches

Brand: Only applicable if the transdermal patch is affiliated with a particular product-line. Select the brand in the drop-down box.

Note: The brand will only appear as an option to select if it is first added to the Vendor profile. Brand addition can be accessed in the Vendor Account section.

Medical Information

  • All MyMedicine Clinical Specialists are cannabis pharmacists with extensive, high-level industry experience

CannaDex360 For Cannabis Dispensaries

  • To access the Feedback layout, press the Feedback Indicator Icon or use the Feedback tab from the Product Details layout
  • Feedback can be viewed by pressing the entry in the Feedback chart
  • Feedback can be added by the pressing the plus-sign, typing content, and saving the entry

Note: All subscribers to CannaDex360 are able to view feedback and the originating account from which it was left. Please provide objective, fair, and professional comments.

CannaDex360 For Cannabis Vendors

CannaDex360 For Healthcare Providers

  • Admin accounts are not provided to Individual Medical Providers as support staff 

CannaDex360 For Advertisers

Technical Support & Feedback

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