CannaDex360: A Comprehensive Cannabis Information Hub

The CannaDex360 prototype is a revolutionary workplace application for cannabis businesses and healthcare providers.* Subscribers receive practical medical cannabis expertise alongside market-specific industry information. Powered by the staff at MyMedicine, CannaDex360 may be viewed on any computer or tablet.

Access product data, dispensary details, sales guides, and much more. Content is regularly updated by cannabis clinicians, cannabis vendors, and market specialists - bridging cannabis medicine with the cannabis industry. The result is a trusted source for anyone who stands to benefit.

*Currently, the CannaDex360 prototype is only available to Ohio operators and providers. Coming soon - New York and New Jersey!

How Does CannaDex360 Work?

1. Verified cannabis businesses and medical practices receive a Administrator account and trial User accounts*

2. Access CannaDex360’s market resources and comprehensive cannabis library

3. After the trial period, keep your full-access Administrator account at no charge

4. Purchase additional licenses for support staff through the subscriber portal

Questions? Check out the User Guide

*Individual healthcare providers receive (1) trial User account



Improve efficiency, outreach, and customer service with a centralized workplace application. When CannaDex360 is accessed on POS terminals, staff have product, industry, and medical information at their fingertips; resulting in quick, productive sales interactions. Management is able to use CannaDex360 for training, education, and updating consumer-facing information. Additionally, provide dispensary details to your local cannabis community.



CannaDex360 allows vendors to control the narrative regarding product and business details. Share company facts and sales material with all members of your cannabis industry, allowing for targeted marketing efforts and information dissemination. Manage data from one organized location, while empowering on-the-go sales staff to inform others and answer questions with a click of a button. Vendors may also obtain feedback from dispensaries and providers to monitor product effectiveness.



With CannaDex360, medical professionals are now able to engage their state's cannabis program. Market-specific information is presented by vendors and product specialists, while leading industry pharmacists compile and review clinical guidance. Receive details about local operators and cannabis medicine while guiding patients. Soon, individual providers can view cannabis-related interventions and progress notes documented by MyMedicine clinicians for any shared patients.



CannaDex360 also empowers MyMedicine consulting pharmacists to create tailored treatment plans, develop care standards, and store client records - all in hopes of providing a pathway for third-party reimbursement of medical cannabis costs.

Ultimately, all cannabis consumers benefit from CannaDex360 by receiving informed assistance wherever they go.*

*The CannaDex360 prototype will soon begin transitioning to a publicly accessible website. Stay tuned!

Who We Work With

A special thanks to our Ohio partners supporting the CannaDex360 prototype as we continue to identify bugs, add content, and prepare for growth!


The Library

  • Continuous updates from a team of leading cannabis pharmacists and market specialists. Meet our CannaNerds!
  • Expedite the learning curve for staff and those new to the industry
  • Stay current on developments in cannabis medicine and state-specific cannabis policy
  • Receive meaningful summary points regarding a variety of cannabis topics
  • High-level clinical guidance is reviewed and assigned quality ratings based upon available evidence


the marketplace

  • Become an expert on your cannabis market in record time
  • Filter products by vendor, keywords, ingredients, and other meaningful characteristics
  • Consolidated information in one place to improve operations and efficiency
  • Share product feedback with the local cannabis community
  • Enhance customer care with intricate product knowledge, instructions, and precautions

Get Started

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