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Our Story

MyMedicine was established by healthcare professionals in Ohio on the guiding principle that those using cannabis-based products can be better served. Our team aims to incorporate elements of traditional medicine while maintaining an industry focus.

The core of MyMedicine is knowledge. As our clinicians collect, organize, and interpret information, we believe findings should be accessible by anyone who stands to benefit.

MyMedicine is more than a consulting service, it is a proven pathway to discover the true therapeutic potential of cannabis.

Mission & Vision


At MyMedicine, our mission is to empower cannabis users through education and knowledge.


Full therapeutic potential of the cannabis plant will be realized when rooted in an established model of scientific discovery...

Health regimens with cannabis-based products carefully integrated and examined; so as one patient benefits, we all do.

Our vision is to advance cannabis medicine. Together.

A Letter From Our President


What is MyMedicine?

Prevailing cannabis culture represents freedom. Freedom of expression. Freedom of mind and body. Prevailing medical culture is rigid and regimented. Conclusions rest upon peer-reviewed analysis. Despite a different philosophy, both cultures share an unwavering similarity - dedication to the patient. So as my own qualifying condition progressed, I became one. 

Cannabis has proved helpful, but the mainstay of treatment remains traditional medication. Cannabis is available as an additional option - not exclusionary, rather complementary - and a microcosm of what this company represents: the merging of two cultures

That is my story. That is MyMedicine.

Coalescence of cultures is complex and consequentially, stagnation persists. Uncovering the full potential of cannabis constituents requires widespread support. Dollars rule the day; yet camaraderie within the industry is encouraging. Something larger -- the profound influence of cannabis medicine -- seems welcomed by all. Which holds importance, because until governing bodies and healthcare establishments wholly engage, the void needs filled.

But flippant acceptance is not enough. Remarkable advances in modern medicine as a result of the scientific method should not be dismissed. As it stands, the safety profile of cannabis accommodates the current modality, and for most, the model works well enough. There is another approach to patient care. It stems from realizing medical benefits and a systematic process with which those benefits are achieved. 

There are a number of clinicians conducting high-level cannabis research. Unfortunately, conclusions drawn from their efforts are rarely implemented. To be respected as legitimate medicine, the findings of thought-leaders must be applied in a consistent manner. Followed closely by collecting feedback and detailed engagement. Day after day.  

Patient stories drove me to investigate cannabis. Shortly thereafter, skepticism turned into curiosity. Managing conditions with predominantly self-guided therapy now seems commonplace and requires a different mindset. The medicinal properties of cannabis are truly unique in this sense - eliciting euphoria alongside symptom relief, while generally non-addictive. 

To patients using cannabis-based products everywhere: Document experiences. Ask questions. There is an abundance of underutilized information available. Do not sit idle as your therapy presses forward. Until science draws near, you are the driver. Our data points are a collection of your stories, and we look forward to listening.

Rony Sinharoy, PharmD
President & Clinical Consultant

Our Team

Helping you reach treatment goals safely and efficiently

Our team has extensive industry and healthcare experience, ensuring you have access to comprehensive information. We are committed to advancing cannabis medicine through education and knowledge.

Rony Sinharoy

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Dr. Rony Sinharoy has extensive experience as a Cannabis Pharmacist & Dispensary Manager, Clinical Pharmacist, and Community Pharmacist. He has served on panels discussing medical marijuana for the Ohio State Bar Association and American College of Healthcare Executives; and presented on the topic for the Ohio Pharmacist’s Association. He is set to serve on an upcoming Medical Advisory Board for a multi-state cannabis operator and is a member of the International Society of Cannabis Pharmacists (ISCPh). His clinical focus shifted solely to cannabis therapy after interacting with patient advocates as a member of Americans for Safe Access (ASA) and National Organization for Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) in Washington D.C. He currently advises on product development for a medical cannabis processing facility and helps manage a local dispensary.



  • Graduate Certificate in Health Policy (Georgetown University, Anticipated)
  • Doctor of Pharmacy and Master of Business Administration (Palm Beach Atlantic University)
  • Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Science (The Ohio State University)


  • Provider Education: Medical Use of Marijuana, The Medical Cannabis Institute
  • Medical Professional Cannabis Care Certification, Americans for Safe Access

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