Our Story

Est. 2020 | Columbus, OH

MyMedicine was established by healthcare professionals on the principle that those using cannabis products are better served when industry expertise is combined with elements of scientific discovery.

Mission & Vision


Our mission is to deliver services which connect cannabis medicine, the cannabis industry, and cannabis consumers.


Full potential of the cannabis plant will be realized when rooted in an established model of discovery...

The effects of cannabis-based products carefully examined, so as one consumer benefits, we all do.

Our vision is to advance cannabis medicine. Together.

What Is MyMedicine?


What is MyMedicine?

Cannabis culture represents freedom. Freedom of expression, freedom of mind and body. Medical culture adheres strictly to the scientific method.

MyMedicine serves to bridge these two cultures. Despite different philosophies, both are dedicated to the well-being of the consumer. When my own health condition progressed, cannabis proved helpful - not acting exclusionary to accepted treatments, rather complementary.

That is my story. 

Discovering the healing potential of cannabis components is gaining support, but there is a void until governing bodies and healthcare establishments wholly engage. 

MyMedicine offers a new approach.

There are a number of individuals conducting reputable cannabis research. We apply the findings in a consistent manner, followed by collecting detailed feedback. 

Day after day.

Stories drove me to explore cannabis as medicine. Shortly thereafter, my doubts evolved into sincerest acceptance. The plant's therapeutic properties are truly unique - at times eliciting euphoria, while generally safe. 

To those using cannabis products: document experiences and ask questions. Do not sit idle as your therapy presses forward. Until science draws near, you are the driver.

Our data is a collection of your stories, and we look forward to listening.

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