We provide value to our patients in a variety of ways

  • Product selection from any dispensary menu
  • Market tracking to identify pricing and availability
  • Telehealth permits interactive cannabis education
  • Informed decisions based on feedback and literature
  • Progress notes help monitor and optimize therapy
  • Healthcare professionals provide independent and unbiased guidance
  • Treatment plans outline instructions, precautions, and a personal plan
  • Live tutorials with demo products
  • Patient Portal for messaging, scheduling, and journal entries
  • Continuity of care with your personal clinical consultant
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Deliver better care. Enjoy peace of mind.

Bring pharmacist collaboration to cannabis therapy.


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Enhance Your Practice with MyMedicine Care Coordination

- Knowledge-based recommendations

- Timely care updates with interventions and treatment plans

- Greater retention resulting from safety, efficacy, and program satisfaction

- Collaborate on administrative or clinical follow-up

- Monitor patient progress

- Reliable source for product and industry information 

-Assistance with questions, literature searches, or research projects

- Coming soon! License components of MyMedicine's comprehensive interface 


Reach customers. Gather feedback.

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Consulting services for vendors

  • Better understand state-specific markets
  • Enhance brand awareness and loyalty
  • Increase sales built upon transparency and effectiveness
  • Assist medical marijuana research
  • Request compliant medical cannabis copy
  • Pharmacist-guided product formulation and development

Patient consultants and dispensary staff support recommendations guided by:

- Certificates of Analysis

- Objective Sales Material

- Product Details


Reduce workload. Enhance workflow.

Consulting services for dispensaries

  • Share the task of addressing complex medical histories
  • Consistent access to healthcare providers for patients
  • Increase customer satisfaction, resulting in greater retention
  • Online resource for medical, industry, and product information
  • Request compliant medical cannabis copy
  • Offer MyMedicine patient care services at discounted rates
  • Operational guidance from industry-experienced pharmacists
  • Strengthen dispensary license applications
  • Training and continuing education development

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