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Initial Consultation

$89 | 60 minutes

Medical Marijuana Overview


Clinical Assessment


Medication Selection

Follow-Up Consultation

$39 | 30 minutes

Dose Adjustments


Safety and Effectiveness Review


Therapy Optimization


The MyMedicine Difference

Save Money

 More research, less trial and error

More guidance, less misuse

More medicine, less business

Save Time

Convenient scheduling

Accessible providers

 Structured approach

Stay Healthy

Reduce adverse events

Avoid potential interactions

Optimize your treatment

Health systems are commonly evaluated by three criteria and at MyMedicine, marijuana is no different. We strive to reduce costs, increase access to providers, and improve the quality of cannabis care with five areas of focus:

MM_Difference_Graph_2 (cont of care)-01

Standards of care provide a framework to manage a specific condition.  By developing an evidence-based care model, guesswork is reduced during the product selection process resulting in reduced costs over time. 

Standards of care are created from feedback, reputable literature, and peer-reviewed journal articles. The information is examined by our clinical counselors so that your treatment plan stems from reliable sources and is continuously improved upon as research progresses.

Keeping up with developments in the program ensures patients have comprehensive knowledge to better guide decisions. This includes monitoring pricing, the regulatory environment, new products, product data, and other relevant details.

Our experience and relationships within the industry allows MyMedicine to acquire and disseminate facts taking the entire market into account, rather than one particular business.


As an independent entity, our sole focus is patient care. We provide objective information without sales and operational considerations. Separating ourselves from the profit motive means you receive recommendations which match only your needs. 

Those knowledgeable about marijuana products rarely study the conditions being treated and the accompanying medical considerations. At MyMedicine, our counselors have clinical backgrounds addressing all components of medical marijuana therapy to enhance safety and effectiveness.

Continuity of care is a proven method of delivering higher quality services at lower costs. Every patient has a dedicated consult team consisting of a medical cannabis pharmacist and future pharmacists in order to develop a true patient-provider relationship.

Increased provider access allows for better health outcomes with both traditional and non-traditional medications. Our platform allows you to speak to the same care team each time, ensuring you are building off previous results rather than varied trial and error.

In addition to products, doctor visits, and state fees; another expense is not easy to accept. We are confident the long-term value of our consults will outweigh the short-term cost.

MyMedicine offers patients an outlet to speak at-length with counselors having advanced medical training, regardless of your location. The Patient Portal provides a seamless scheduling interface, plus the ability to document your experiences and upload them to your counselor. Secure messaging is also available for questions between appointments.


Medical marijuana on your terms

- Telehealth enables you to avoid lines at the dispensary when receiving guidance
- Screen-sharing for viewing menus and other valuable information during appointments
- Dummy products to demonstrate dosing and instructions for use
- Reduce exposure to Covid-19 while gaining personal attention
- Telephone consultations are available if video chat is not preferable

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