Cannabis Consultations

Reach cannabis therapy goals safely and effectively

- Industry pharmacist consults

- Product selection guidance

- Menu navigation tutorials

- Tailored treatment plans

- Messaging service for continuous care

- Telehealth appointments

1. Request a consultation with a MyMedicine pharmacist if you need additional guidance managing your medical condition with cannabis products.

2. Complete the electronic MyMedicine intake form.

3. At the scheduled time of your appointment, click the provided link to begin a telehealth consultation.

4. After the consultation, MyMedicine Patient Portal services will be activated.

5. Stay in communication with your cannabis pharmacist through portal messaging.



Pharmacist Consultation

$149 || 60 minutes

- Cannabis Overview


- Assessment & Product Selection

Patient Portal Messaging

Free With Consultation

- Therapy Adjustments


- Safety & Effectiveness Review

The MyMedicine Difference

Save Money

- Decrease trial and error

- Structured approach

Save Time

- Convenient scheduling

- Accessible providers

Stay Healthy

- Avoid side effects

- Optimize therapy

Health care is commonly evaluated by three criteria and at MyMedicine, cannabis care is no different. We strive to reduce costs, increase provider access, and improve quality of life with five areas of focus:

Standards of care provide a framework to manage a specific condition or symptom.  By developing an evidence-based care model, guesswork is reduced during the product selection process resulting in reduced costs over time. 

Standards of care are created from feedback, reputable literature, and peer-reviewed journal articles. The information is examined by our clinical team so that your treatment plan stems from reliable sources and is continuously improved upon as research progresses.

Keeping up with developments in the cannabis industry ensures patients have comprehensive knowledge to better guide decisions. This includes monitoring pricing, the regulatory environment, new products, product information, and other relevant details.

Our experience and relationships allows MyMedicine to acquire and disseminate facts taking the entire market into account, rather than one particular business.

As an independent entity, our sole focus is patient care. We provide objective information without sales and operational considerations. 

Our pharmacists address all components of medical marijuana therapy and the accompanying medical considerations to improve safety and effectiveness.

Continuity of care is a proven method of delivering higher quality services at lower costs. Every patient has a dedicated pharmacist in order to develop a true patient-provider relationship.

Increased provider access allows for better health outcomes with both traditional and non-traditional medications. Our portal allows you to speak to the same pharmacist, ensuring you are building off previous results.

MyMedicine offers patients an outlet to speak at-length with pharmacists having advanced medical training, regardless of location.

The Patient Portal provides a secure way to ask questions after your consultation.

Patient Portal & Telehealth

Patient Portal: Convenient access to MyMedicine pharmacists

- Send and receive HIPPA-compliant messages 24/7

- Submit journal notes to communicate progress

- Request product information and follow-up inquiries

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Telehealth: Cannabis consultations on your terms

- Avoid dispensary travel and wait times when receiving guidance

- Screen-share to navigate dispensary menus

- Reduce Covid-19 exposure while gaining personal attention


Prospective Patients

Due to the state-specific regulatory environment of marijuana programs and pharmacist licensure, at present time we are only able to offer our full level of services to Ohio residents. However, our pharmacists will work on a case-by-case basis to address your needs. We hope to expand to other states in the near future.

Medical marijuana is not dispensed pursuant to a prescription, thus pharmacists are not required to dispense medical marijuana products in most states. 

In addition, the staffing of licensed healthcare professionals may be cost prohibitive or their services are not prioritized. Accessibility and the resources necessary to provide a high level of care are often limited even if pharmacists are on site.

Of course. Email and we will coordinate an introductory call. Active patients can message us through our secure Patient Portal at any time.

Absolutely. If your regular or recommending physician would like to reach out to discuss any patient care matter, our pharmacists will gladly accommodate.


Consultations can save you time, money, and peace of mind in the long-run. With reduced trial and error, less misuse of products, and only your medical interests in mind, our industry pharmacists allow you to reach your treatment goals more efficiently.

Consultation are available by Telehealth on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Please email to schedule your appointment.

After your consultation, Patient Portal access is activated. You the will receive a secure login and password to message your pharmacist with any follow-up questions or comments.

All you will need is internet access, a computer, tablet, or smartphone, and an email account. If you have trouble, give us a call and we will guide you through every step.

Treatment Plans

MyMedicine counselors can work off any dispensary menu. Just let us know which dispensaries you are considering during your appointment. We also provide dispensary recommendations based upon your preferences if you are uncertain.

At MyMedicine, this is a concern. We will try our best to suggest alternatives on your treatment plan. In many cases, online ordering allows our pharmacists to help you identify available products prior to visiting the dispensary.

Absolutely not. Our treatment plans are suggestions. Feel free to try other products or recommendations. Should you send your MyMedicine pharmacist a follow-up message, just let us know so we can document and obtain feedback.

Yes, all of our pharmacists are licensed healthcare professionals and function as practitioners to address your needs. We will use our judgement on when to refer you to your physician or specialist.

Patient Portal

MyMedicine incorporates HIPAA-compliant practice management software IntakeQ to store all patient information.

Yes. Upon activation, you will be able to assign a password for your account. A link will be sent to your email to guide you through the registration process.

Depending on the nature and urgency of the inquiry and availability of your MyMedicine pharmacist, response times may vary.

24-72 hours is a typical response time.

The MyMedicine online journal is a PDF form which you can download. Each page has room for multiple entries to complete on your computer. Once you are ready, drag and drop the file into the Portal.

Our staff will be happy to assist with this process.

Additional Questions or Comments?

Prospective patients please email us at

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