Prospective Patients

No, MyMedicine does not have certifying physicians on staff. Our Prospective Patient Consultation provides an objective overview of the Ohio program and guides you through the process of obtaining your card.

Due to the fragmented regulatory environment of marijuana programs, at present time we are only able to offer our full level of services to Ohio residents. However, our counselors will work on a case-by-case basis to address your needs. We hope to expand to other states in the future.

Medical marijuana is not dispensed pursuant to a prescription, thus pharmacists are not required to dispense products in most states. 

Also, the cost of staffing licensed professionals is either prohibitive or their services are not prioritized. Accessibility issues and resources available to provide the highest level of care remain even if providers are on site.

Of course. Give us a call at (614) 423-6948, or email Active patients can message us through our secure Patient Portal at any time.

Absolutely. If your regular or recommending provider would like updates on progress, or would like to reach out to discuss any patient care matter, our Patient Consultants will gladly accommodate.

Not currently. We will remain objective regardless of our positions or relationships within the cannabis industry. Should any partnerships arise, they will be fully disclosed and structured in a manner without conflicts of interest.


Consultations save you time and money in the long-run. With reduced trial and error, less misuse of products, and only your medical interests in mind, our trained providers allow you to reach your treatment goals more efficiently.

Consultation are available by video chat on your chosen device or by telephone. We hope to offer in-person consultations in select cities as MyMedicine grows.

Prior to your first consultation, our clinicians prepare by examining your medical history and complete administrative tasks to maximize productivity. This process is less labor intensive for follow-up appointments.

Prior to your initial consultation, you will receive Patient Portal access. All future appointments are scheduled through this platform.

All you need is internet access and an email account. If you have trouble, give us a call and we will guide you through every step.

This is up to you. When scheduling consultations, a list of providers and availability will appear. All of our counselors work together to ensure you receive the same level of care each time.

Treatment Plans

MyMedicine receives product information from cultivators, processors, and other reputable sources such as testing labs and manufacturer labels. As well as from our experience and associates within the marketplace.

MyMedicine counselors can work off any dispensary menu. Just let us know which dispensaries you are considering during your appointment. We also provide dispensary recommendations based upon your preferences if you are uncertain.

At MyMedicine, this is a large concern. We will try our best to suggest alternatives on your treatment plan or locate a dispensary with the original medication. In many cases, advanced ordering allows our clinical counselors to help you select a different product prior to visiting the dispensary.

Absolutely not. Our treatment plans are suggestions. Feel free to try other products or recommendations. Should you schedule a follow-up, just let us know so we can document and receive feedback.

Yes! That is one of the unique benefits of MyMedicine. All of our counselors are licensed healthcare professionals and function as practitioners to address your needs. We will use our judgement on when to refer you to your regular physician or pharmacist and when we are able to assist clinically.

Patient Portal

MyMedicine incorporates HIPAA-compliant practice management software SimplePractice to store all patient, billing, and medical information. SimplePractice is the industry-leading practice management software for health & wellness professionals serving over 60,000 clinicians.

All you need to access the Patient Portal is your registered email address. A link will be sent when log-in is requested to enhance security.

The online journal is PDF form which you can download. Each page has room for multiple entries to complete on your computer. Once you are ready, just drag and drop into the Portal.

Our consultants will be happy to assist with this process.

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